New Holland Integrated IntelliSteer™ Auto Guidance

NH Integrated IntelliSteer 2015

Guidance & Steering


PLM™ GUIDANCE New Holland PLM™ offers a wide range of auto guidance solutions, from lightbar systems to assisted steering systems, to fully integrated auto guidance that can deliver accuracy as precise as sub inch repeatable accuracy. Choose from a range of correction signals to best match your accuracy needs. Select from a variety of field patterns using your PLM display to match any shape field. PLM offers guidance solutions for nearly every application, maximizing efficiencies and productivity.

INTEGRATED GUIDANCE FOR ALL! Fully integrated guidance is the ultimate guidance solution which offers complete machine direction control at the touch of a button. You can either order your machine direct from the factory with the New Holland IntelliSteer™ solution, or if you decide at a later stage that your business needs guidance, then a retro-fit package is also available.


  • Ensures straight parallel passes that eliminate skips and overlap
  • EAble to deliver accuracy as precise as sub-inch
  • EReduces operator fatigue, while increasing productivity with less passes through the field
  • EGLONASS enables for increased reliability
  • EUses a single integrated display with the IntelliView™ IV for machine functions, auto guidance, mapping and implement control
  • EMaintains accuracy in rough and rolling terrain with T3 terrain compensation


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