New Holland BigBaler 340 Plus CropCutter™ Rotor Cutter

NH BigBaler340 Plus model

BigBaler 340 Plus


Density is king when it comes to producing big bales. The NEW BigBaler 340 Plus features a bale chamber that is 31.5 inches longer to create bales with up to 10% higher bale density over the BigBaler 340. You get impressive bale shape and more consistent bale density throughout the day. Packing more crop into each bale results in more efficient bale handling, storage and transport.

It’s a competitive market and New Holland BigBalers are designed to make superior, square, dense bales every time with no excuses. The industry-leading pre-compression chamber ensures perfect flake formation, and the three-way density system builds solid bales. SmartFill™ bale flake formation indicators provide real-time feedback to ensure consistent performance in any windrow or field condition.

Biomass pre-charge chamber bands are available as a factory-installed option to improve crop flow in stalky, thick-stemmed biomass crops like cornstalks, sunflowers and miscanthus.

BigBalers are built to handle capacity. The new reinforced plunger design is more durable for up to 50% longer plunger life. The huge 37.4-inch flywheel reduces driveline stress when baling uneven swaths. The heavier PTO driveline is durable enough to handle up to 40% more peak torque than previous models. The strong triple reduction main drive gearbox and rugged frame add to overall BigBaler durability.

The slim BigBaler hitch design saves you time and fuel on every headland turn. The sculpted body and pivoting PTO make tight turns a reality. The addition of optional AutoSteer™ tandem axles can enhance the turning of the baler, limiting crown damage and soil disturbance.

Choose the axle to match your terrain – the single axle, standard steerable AutoSteer™ tandem axle or large-wheel steerable AutoSteer™ tandem axle with 22.5-inch flotation tires for low soil pressures and higher field speed.

BigBaler 340 Plus CropCutter™ Rotor Cutter
Bale dimensions
Width in. (mm) 47.2 (1200)
Height in. (mm) 35.4 (900)
Maximum length in. (mm) 108 (3000)
Tractor requirements
Minimum PTO power hp 160
PTO speed rpm 1000
Hydraulic remotes
Single axle 3
Tandem Axle 3
Main drive
Protection Shearbolt, overrunning clutch and slip clutch
Flywheel weight lbs. (kg) 584 (265)
MaxiSweep™ pick-up
Width-flare to flare in. (mm) 92.6 ( 2352)
Width-tine to tine in. (mm) 86.6 (2200)
Flotation Adjustable spring
Hydraulic pick-up lift Standard
Gauge wheels 15 X 6.00-6-4ply 2
Pick-up protection Slip clutch
Torque Setting ft. lbs. (Nm) 1475 (2000)
Rotor cutter pickup cut out clutch ft. lbs. (Nm) Optional – 1549 (2100)
High performance rotor stop Optional
CropCutter™ system
Abrasion resistant knife options 15 or 29
Knife distance in. (mm) 3.1 (78) or 1.5 (39)
Knife removal Sliding knife drawer
Knife activation, in - out Hydraulic
Knife protection Individual springs
Feeding system
Feeder Rotor Width 47.2 in./1200 mm “W” tine configuration
Feeder protection Cut-out clutch
Stuffer Fork type with 6 tines
Stuffer protection Shearbolt
Pre-compression chamber, volume ft.3 (m³) 10.6 (0.3)
Speed strokes/min 48
Length of stroke in. (mm) 28 (710)
Tying system
Type Double knot type
Number of twines 6
Knotter fan type Electric
Knotter fan number 3
Knotter function alert IntelliView™ monitor and visual
Knotter lubrication Automatic greasing
Twine ball capacity 32
Bale density system
Proportional 3-way control IntelliView™ monitor controlled
Manual override Standard
Electronic control system
ISO 11783 connection ready Standard
IntelliView™ III touch screen color monitor Optional
IntelliView™ IV touch screen color monitor Optional
Single axle 600/55X22.5 12 PR or 700/40X22.5 16 PR
Tandem axle with Auto-Steer™ 500/50X17 14 PR
Large wheeled tandem axle with Auto-Steer™ 550/45XR22.5
Baler dimensions
Length chute closed (single piece) in. (mm) 327.4 (8315)
Width (single axle 600/55X22.5 12PR tires) in. (mm) 116.1 (2948)
Width (single axle 700/40XR22.5 16 PR tires) in. (mm) 117.5 (2984)
Width (tandem axle 500/50X17 14PR tires) in. (mm) 109.5 (2782)
Width (large wheeled tandem axle 550/45XR22.5 tires) in. (mm) 113.2 (2876)
Width (large wheeled tandem axle 620/50XR22.5 tires) in. (mm) 116.0 (2946)
Height (single axle) in. (mm) 126.9 (3223)
Height (tandem axle) in. (mm) 126.9 (3223)

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