New Holland 750SFI Corn header

NH 750SFICornheader 2015

Forage Headers



A wide selection of high-capacity windrow pickup heads, corn headers and row-independent headers make FR harvesters a versatile tool for handling multiple different crops. And a simple header hookup system makes changing them fast and easy.



The FRs have a standard lateral float feature that allows headers to follow ground contours and protect them from damage. Unlike competitors, the lateral float feature is built into in the forage harvester itself. This enables the lateral float feature on any header, eliminating the need for expensive header tilt features on each individual header. An optional in-cab hydraulic lateral float system is available. Optional sensor kits are available for larger corn headers to automatically adjust them to ground contours as they help keep a consistent stubble height.



Switching between headers is easy. One hydraulic quick-release block can be hooked up even under pressure. The latch system includes a handle, so no tools are needed. The PTO is easy to reach and there is no need to crawl under the machine.

750SFI Corn header
Grass Pickup
Working width ft (m) -
Rake windguard and fixed gauge wheels -
Paddle type auger with hydraulic lift system -
Hydraulic reel drive -
Rear support rollers -
Roller windguard and hydraulic movable gauge wheels -
Corn Headers
Working width ft (m) 25 (7.5) 25
Number of rows 10
Disc type Small
Row guidance Optional
Automatic floatation Optional
Spout extension Optional

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