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JCB Single Drum Soil Compactors

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The JCB VM117 is all-new and supremely productive. Boasting the kind of innovation and design expertise you’d expect from JCB Compaction, the VM117 and VM137 soil compactors offer a host of performance, comfort, safety and efficiency features.

Like our new award-winning EcoMAX T4i-compliant engine, which meets Tier 4i legislation without bulky DPF or SCR; compact installation provides uncompromised visibility and maneuverability. The VM117 also has up to 60% gradeability, a new exciter system, an all-day comfy ergonomic cab, great ease of maintenance, and strong residuals.

Complete Compaction

Expect ultimate homogenous compaction performance in few passes on every surface from sand to rock, courtesy of optimised dual amplitude and frequency settings, high centrifugal forces (VM117 – max. 256 kN), increased static linear load and vibrating mass.

The VM117 boasts quick (up to 11 km/h) travel times around site, which speeds up preparation for the next pass.

A tight turning circle also makes these soil compactors supremely manoeuvrable

Our EcoMAX-engined VM117 soil compactor offers a superb 60% gradeability for great versatility and productivity.

If you plan to use your VM117 soil compactor on clay, choose our pad foot drum to improve water evaporation and, therefore, create more stable soil. For added versatility, choose a pad foot shell kit.

Choose from a variety of compaction measurement systems, including our COMPATRONIC NAV, which displays all the machine’s working parameters and uses a GPS sensor to provide tracking and documentation functions.

Productivity Maximised

JCB’s EcoMAX engine uses less fuel than our Tier 3 engines thanks to – amongst other things – our variable geometry turbo. The standard variable speed fan provides another fuel savings of up to 6%.

The EcoMAX engines deliver a massive 525 Nm in the VM117 at low engine speeds for optimum responsiveness, while EcoMAX also produces high power and torque at just 2200 rpm for fuel-efficient matching of transmission and hydraulics.

With EcoMAX, your VM117 will save you money on servicing because exhaust after-treatment (and, therefore, costly heat-resistant lube oils) are unnecessary.

Quality, Reliability, and Durability

For maximum reliability, the new exciter system of the VM117 only has 2 moving parts, and we’ve installed fully sealed IP69 electrics to withstand high volumes of water and dust.

All of our soil compactors are subjected to a 2-hour hot test to make sure they’re ready for trouble-free use from day one.

Our soil compactors benefit from advanced manufacturing and assembly processes to ensure maximum precision and quality of components.

To prove our EcoMAX engines’ durability, we've done 110,000 hours of testing in 70 different machines across the toughest applications and environments.

The frame of the VM117 is designed using finite element analysis, and it’s fully strain gauged. It’s also tried and tested in various machines, applications and environments.

The bonnet and rear lights of the VM117 soil compactor is protected by the rear structure and chassis against impact damage.

High Visibility

There’s superb all-round visibility on a VM117 soil compactor, courtesy of a pillarless front cab design, and a sloping rear bonnet.

We use flat glass panels on these soil compactors (unlike our competitors), which makes replacement quick and easy.

Precise and productive soil compacting is guaranteed thanks to our new clear view front screen and minimal front display, which provide an unrestricted view to the front drum edges.

To improve safety and precision during operation, there’s a low rear bonnet profile and no exhaust pipe in the field of vision, which makes for an unrestricted view to the rear and corners of the VM117.

The design of these soil compactors incorporates low rear glass and an angled bonnet profile for an unrestricted view of the rear edge.

Because our EcoMAX engine doesn’t need bulky exhaust after-treatment, it’s a very compact unit, ensuring great visibility and manoeuvrability.

Comfort and Ease of Use

Operators can get working quickly on a VM117 with intuitive, easy-to-use and ergonomic controls, all laid out in the industry standard. Our easily adjustable tilting steering column provides maximum comfort too.

These soil compactors boast a range of seat options, including a pivoting base design, mechanical or air suspension and vinyl or fabric bases. Our Premium seat option has air suspension, lumbar support, armrests, backrest extension and a heating. 

When operators are getting in and out of a VM117, there are three points of contact at all times; access steps are inclined and equally spaced, and there are well-positioned grab handles.

To make life easier, you only need one key to operate the ignition, door and bonnet of a VM117.

JCB’s standard-fit automatic vibration control (AVC) activates whenever the drive lever is moved from the neutral position. Because vibrations are stopped when your machine is at a standstill, this avoids unwanted compaction.

For fatigue-free all-day operation, these soil compactors are designed to offer low noise levels. By mechanically isolating the driver’s seat, steering column, lever and cab, we’ve ensured class-leading low vibration levels too.

Superb Serviceability

For ease of servicing, the VM117 is designed so that all daily checks can be done from ground level on one side. A wide-opening rear bonnet gives fast access to the easily cleaned radiator and to the battery.

The cooling pack of these soil compactors is easy to get into and clean – which optimises engine cooling. Likewise the fuel tank, which is behind simple access panels for easy cleaning in case of contamination.

Electronics testing and servicing are quick and easy on a VM117 because service ports, key fuses and the isolator key are all centralised.

To extend service intervals (and therefore productivity) both of these soil compactors feature a cyclonic air cleaner which reduces debris build up in the air filter. An air intake scavenge system then removes the debris.

You never need to grease a VM117. Centre joint bearings are Teflon-coated and the centre joint itself is sealed for a grease-free zero-maintenance life. The exciter shaft vibration bearings are maintenance-free too.

The fully bolted front frame has no protruding bolt heads. A raised front beam position allows quick cleaning of drum scrapers and JCB’s unique preloaded rubber mountings, meanwhile, ensure long service life and reduced running costs.

Maximum Engine Power 125hp (93kW)
Compaction Performance  
Overall Width 87.8In
Centrifugal Force 57551lbf (256kN)
Drum Width 83In
Operating Weight (Max) 29321lb (13300kg)

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