M7 Mono Boom Shaker

M7 Mono Boom ShakerThe COE M7 mono boom is used to harvest Walnuts, Almonds and Pecans. The mono boom can limb and trunk shake at a higher point on larger trees for more efficient removal.



  • John Deere 6068 139HP Tier 3
  • High debris radiator
  • Dual Cool air to air system
  • EATON series 2 Hydrostatic transmission
  • EATON 2 speed wheel motors
  • Auburn Gear planetary hubs
  • Active & Failsafe brakes
  • 33 / 16 x 16.1 12 PLY heavy duty tires
  • Dual dry element air cleaner with pre cleaner

Shaker Head

  • COE TH-7 Thunder head
  • Case made of T1 steel plate
  • Arm made of 3/4” steel plate
  • VOAC F12-080 drive motor
  • Center swing weights
  • Single belt drive
  • 2 heavy duty double roller bearings per energy wheel
  • 24” oval pads
  • 3 point mounting system with oversized hanger mounts
  • Decelerator / anti cavitation shake brake system

Hydraulic System

  • Denison dual vane pump 22-10 GPM
  • EATON 75CC hydrostat
  • COE Clamp, Shake sequence & Shake brake steel manifold.
  • 15-40W high grade oil




  • Pressurized air conditioned cab
  • Tilt steering column
  • Suspension seat with arm rest
  • Engine monitor and fuel gauge
  • Hydraulic system pressure gauges
  • 12V power outlet and charger
  • Joy stick control with cast aluminum single piece grip with 4 buttons
  • Refrigerated storage compartment
  • AM FM CD iPod adapter stereo with 2 speakers
  • Padded full cab insulation
  • Grey tinted double layer glass windows
  • Quiet environment with all high pressure, high flow valves located outside cab area.


  • Class exclusive hydraulic sweeper lifts.
  • Easy access to all major components for service.
  • Swing out cooler and condenser.
  • Angled cab and body for superior shed and less crop accumulation.
  • Unique chassis construction reduces front to rear weight transfer.
  • COE hydraulic cylinders
  • All machined parts done in house in COE CNC machining center.
  • Refrigerated storage compartment.


  • Shake patterns ( HD, MD, LD )
  • Nylon brush or rubber style fingers
  • 30” clamp opening on head
  • Long boom
  • Side mount extension
  • Tier 2 motor (Export only)