B8-E Reservoir Cart

B8 E Reservoir CartThe COE B8-E Reservoir Cart for bulk handling of nut crops. Its sleek tapered shape allows it to pass through orchards easily. A variety of options allow the B8-E to be easily tailored to specific crops.



  • Sleek tapered exterior
  • Tapered front corners
  • Auto start push bar with cam actuated valve
  • Adjustable hitch
  • High capacity augers
  • Auburn Gear spindle hubs
  • ¼ front skid plate
  • 30” unloading conveyor PVC cover
  • Lower belt metering covers
  • Internal UHMW wear strips


  • Powered assist wheels
  • De-sticker
  • De-sticker box
  • Mesh Chain belt
  • Reduce tank length (3’)
  • Manual tank unload valve