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    – A relationship to count on

    Purchasing Agricultural and Construction equipment can be a major decision for a business, that is why since 1954 our focus has been on our customer’s needs. Partnership is a term used so much in today’s business world that it has pretty much lost its meaning… At N&S it is more than just a word to us, it is a philosophy for doing business.

    In addition to CASE IH, NEW HOLLAND, JCB, and CLAAS, we carry a wide array of manufacturers of Agricultural and Construction equipment to meet the dynamic and different needs of the California market. New or used equipment, sale or rental… we have the inventory to meet your needs.

    Our relationships don’t stop with our customers and manufacturer partners; over the past 60+ years we have developed relationships with numerous funding providers. Whether you like to purchase, finance, or lease your agricultural and construction equipment; N&S can provide the funding solution to meet your needs.

    Perhaps our greatest asset to our customers is our salespeople. Rigorously screened and continually trained, our salespeople are focused on the long-term relationship rather than any individual sale. Many of our customer relationships literally go back generations.

    For our customers that have been with us for decades and generations, we say thank you. For those who have yet to partner with us… come see how we can become a valuable part of your business.



    Matt Nutcher,



  • Turlock general manager Matt Nutcher
    Matt Nutcher
    Ph: (209) 634-1777
  • Alex Pino2
    Alex Pino
    Stockton - General Manager
    Ph: (209) 944-5500
  • Bob Souza 4
    Bob Souza
    Merced - General Manager
    Ph: (209) 383-5888
  • Bryan E 4
    Bryan Ehresman
    General Manager
    Ph: (530) 458-2166
  • John O 2
    John O'Brien
    North Region General Manager
    Ph: (530) 458-2166
  • Rod 1
    Rodney Cosyns
    Dos Palos - General Manager
    Ph: 209-761-3688
  • Javier Martinez1
    Javier Martinez
    South Region - Sales Manager
    Ph: 209-401-9701
  • Daniel S 1
    Daniel Stevinson
    South Region - JCB Specialist
    Ph: 209-777-0849
  • Dustin Blanchard Salesman Yuba City
    Dustin Blanchard
    North Region - JCB Specialist
    Ph: (530) 338-8824
  • Cody Warren 2
    Cody Warren
    North Region - Power Unit Specialist
    Ph: 530-681-5396
  • Mike Johnson 1
    Mike Johnson
    Colusa - Sales
    Ph: (530) 682-9267
  • Ken 4
    Kenny Perry
    Dos Palos - Sales
    Ph: (209) 392-2161
  • Phil P 2 2
    Phil Painter
    Dos Palos - Sales
    Ph: (209) 392-2161
  • Able 1
    Abel Lopez
    Merced - Sales
    Ph: (209) 383-5888
  • MF 1
    Matt Freitas
    Merced - Sales
    Ph: 209-649-3685
  • Justin Stanford 1
    Justin Stanford
    Merced - Hay & Forage Specialist
    Ph: (209) 383-5888
  • Danny Silva a
    Daniel Silva
    Stockton - Sales
    Ph: 209-662-8730
  • Frank Machado 2
    Frank Machado
    Stockton - Sales
    Ph: (209) 634-1777
  • Mike Rott 1
    Mike Rott
    Stockton - Sales
    Ph: (209) 479-2906
  • Jim Betuccio 2
    Jim Bertuccio
    Turlock - Sales
    Ph: (209) 634-1777
  • Tim Glenn
    Turlock - Sales
    Ph: (209) 216-8284
  • Ray Soeth Salesman Willows
    Ray Soeth
    Willows - Sales
    Ph: (530)330-0371
  • Dave Bybee Salesman Yuba City
    Dave Bybee
    Yuba City - Sales
    Ph: (530) 383-2766
  • Tyler George 2
    Tyler George
    Yuba City - Sales
    Ph: (530) 330-1821